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The podcast 

celebrating Women in 

the Entertainment Business

Our Mission

Give Her A Microphone is dedicated to providing intel and inspiration to women working on the front lines of entertainment, as well those aspiring to break into the business. Featured guests discuss a variety of topics ranging from business, marketing, all aspects of creative, and special FX to music, finance, legal, theatrical and digital entertainment. They share the calculus behind their career moves, as well as discuss some of their professional and personal hits and misses. This podcast is a conversation

between women, about women dedicated

to excellence and positive change. 

Women In Entertainment 

Our Stories Pre-Covid and Beyond...

When we started recording interviews it was over a year ago and between trademarking issues, full time gigs and then the Covid scramble, our podcast languished. In the spirit of one of our favorite films "Galaxy Quest" - we've embraced the battle cry of "Never Give Up, Never Surrender"

and finally launch our beloved podcast.

This delay has been an unexpected gift. Not only do we get to reconnect with our friends who initially interviewed with us, but we have followed up to see how the Covid shutdown has affected their lives since we last chatted. What this has confirmed through the lens of our friends experiences, is that women are an inspiring, resilient, creative force and that our indomitable spirit is the signature 

threaded throughout our community.

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Our Vision

We imagine an industry that’s inclusive, courageous and willing to change for the good of the whole, a business that embraces unique storytelling representative of global humanity. We embrace the success of our peers regardless of gender or race. We see a future of talented, fearless females, excelling in one of the most challenging and rewarding vocations in the world. 

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"So whatever you want to do, just do it…Making a damn fool of yourself is absolutely essential." (Gloria Steinem)

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